Sam Seps

Sam Seps is the Executive Vice President and CFO | CA-DBO 245119

US Lender Home Loans, Inc. is proud to have Sam Seps on its executive board where he will not only serve as the Chief of Financial Operations, he will also continue to provide mortgage solutions to his wide array of previous and future clients as well as his referral partners.

Sam Seps has been in the real estate business for over 26 years starting from the day he purchased his first home. Not long after that, he and his father started purchasing investment properties, so his mortgage background comes firsthand. 

This knowledge has led Sam to a career in mortgage lending and his experience has given him the opportunity to help his clients achieve their dreams of home ownership as well as refinance their existing home to benefit their personal needs the best. As a mortgage lender with many years of investing, he can confidently give sound advice to his clients. Sam’s great motivation is in seeing so many of his clients build equity in their homes which is an investment they may have thought they never could achieve.

Sam continually prides himself on always doing what’s right for his clients and in some cases, he may even advise that they work together on building credit, saving for a down payment, or anything else needed to better their situation.

At US Lender, Sam will be able to provide his clients with some of the best programs along with the best interest rates. Here at US Lender, we can offer a menu of loan programs and we listen to what your needs are to provide you with the best loan program that suits your needs.


Sam Seps | Executive Vice President and CFO | CA-DBO: 245119
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